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    If you would like to work together on an exciting project, please email me to get started. We will first go over project details and discuss timeline and pricing. I will send you a contract and will kindly ask for a 40% deposit to get started!


    Before starting the design process, I will need to know your vision for you project! I love when my clients pull together images and pinterest pins that inspire them. That way, I get a good idea of your aesthetic.


    Now it will be up to me to create some great designs for you! Depending on your project, a number of initial designs will be presented to you. Then, it will be your turn to provide some clear + organized feedback to move forward with the design. We will then work together to tweak and change what is needed.


    After we go through a few rounds of revisions and we are close to the final design, I will do the final touches and present you with the final design! After the final payment has been made, you will be given the necessary files for your project.

    I will also be adding the design to my portfolio, and will most likely blog about it!
    If you have any questions, please email me and ask away!

    Throw me an email here : dwianom@mail.com

    Here's a few other places you can find me on the internet: Vimeo, Linkedin, Dribbble, Twitter, Cargo,

    Thank you fellas!

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