• during my internship, i am walking around the city and capture typography it's a fun way. I love everything type-related. This is some collection of typography i found. It may not be "cool", but always interesting. You can check my facebook album for more

  • OFFF Festival 2013 has become my favorite event. The open titles vibe is soulful . I love the grading colour and the editing. The sound from HECQ really massive sound!

    As for the OFFF 2013 I’d put the motto “Get out from the machine and do everything by your hands”, from CG effects that are not actual CG but paperwork to handwriting and illustration without any digital touch. Trend is here, believe in your hands and train your imagination! - Designcollector

    OFFF 2013 Open Titles by Ms.Take from OFFF, let's feed the future on Vimeo.

    Making Of

    Making OFFF Open Titles from Atelier on Vimeo.

    Hope next year i can attend OFFF 2014!

  • Social Campaign / Ramah indonesia from Dwi Anom on Vimeo.

    Ramah Indonesia is a social movement to spread the culture of Indonesia as a friendly-owned national identity


    Concept and Art Direction :
    Surya Parulian
    Dwi Anom
    Sandy Christian
    Clarissa Tanoyo
    Dian Sieto

    Motion Design :
    Dwi Anom

    Music :

    Narrator :
    Dian Sieto

    Follow :
    FB - facebook.com/RamahIndonesia
    Twitter - twitter.com/Ramah_Indonesia

    Transcript Text :
    Dulu Indonesia dikenal sebagai negeri teramah nomor 1 didunia. Ramah menjadi sebuah tradisi. Mulai dari cium tangan, penggunaan tangan kanan, musyawarah, gotong royong dan tersenyum. Keramahan ini dikagumi berbagai bangsa. Ramah merupakan jati diri Indonesia

    Namun semua itu mulai menghilang. Internet ditemukan, budaya asing dengan mudah masuk. Teknologi semakin berkembang. Berbagai macam gadget mengalihkan perhatian kita dan lihatlah dampak dari sikap kita.

    Yang awalnya berinteraksi dengan akrab justru sekarang terbelenggu oleh gadget. Tapi hanya dengan sebuah langkah kecil. Senyum dan Sapa, kita bisa merubah segalanya.

    Ini cara kami membuat Indonesia ramah kembali. Bagaimana caramu ?

    Thanks For Watching :)
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  • I got email from adobe that my team project "Magnified Kelud" has listed on the ADAA Semifinalists page. This is very shocked and i can't believe that i can pass to semifinalist!!

    The Adobe® Design Achievement Awards celebrate student achievement reflecting the powerful convergence of technology and the creative arts. The competition - which showcases individual and group projects created with industry-leading Adobe creative software - honors the most talented and promising student graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, animators, digital filmmakers, game developers and computer artists from the world's top institutions of higher education. 

    Here the screenshot and we are only one from Indonesia! :O

    Winners will be announced October 21, 2013..
    Hope can pass it to Finalist! Wish us luck!

  • The latest collection of my favorite motion graphic work from 2012.
    I had a great time working as a freelancer during this period and had the opportunity to work with great people. I hope to continue doing it and develop my work further.

    Thanks for watching :)

    Music : Caravan Palace - Panic

  • Me and my friends having some fun assignment at Mount. Kelud. This mountain is on the border between Kediri district, Blitar and Malang districts. Approximately 27 miles east of downtown kediri . It is one of the famous tourism spot around Kediri city.

    Magnified Kelud from Dwi Anom on Vimeo.
  • Camprodi 2013 is a video teaser project for my college event which showcase the logo. Head project event Tommy Prayogo asked me to make short teaser to representative the camprodi 2013 event.  I chosed to create tense harmony between sound and transition movements. The song from 'linkin park' helped me to expand possibilites of logo with strong music and sound design.


    Art Direction and Concept 
    Dwi Anom
    Logo Design
    Jacob Nursalim

    Motion Design
    Dwi Anom

    Camprodi DKV 2013 / Teaser from Dwi Anom on Vimeo.

  • well. this very interesting lamps, the light so amazing. Design by Calabrate from Poland.

    for more picture check here pondly.com

  • GerrenLamson experimenting with a photographic collage technique to illustrate woodland creatures. The vintage photo elements used were the following: forest scenes, botanical pieces, patterns, sheet music, instruments, feathers, butterflies, and paintings of nature.

    See more his creatures here : Gerren Lamson.com
  • I am just make account at dribbble account, let's meet up here : dribbble

  • Kembali Fitrah Kembali Merdeka

    Minal Aidzin Walfaidzin Mohon Maaf lahir batin.

    Happy Eid Mubarak 1433 H

  • Elvis Presley - All Shook Up from Dwi Anom on Vimeo.

  • University project's about interpretation visual poetry. They called 'Visualisasi Fiksimini'

  • Some project about book layout. Also posting at behance

  • A student project about digital manipulation. Semar is a character in Javanese mythology who frequently appears in wayang shadow plays. He is one of the punokawan (clowns), but is in fact divine and very wise. He is the dhanyang (guardian spirit) of Java, and is regarded by some as the most sacred figure of the kotak (wayang set). He is said to be the god Sang Hyang Ismaya in human form.

    The name Semar is said to derive from the Javanese word samar ("dim, obscure, mysterious"). He is often referred to with the honorific, "Kyai Lurah Semar" ("the venerable chief").